Teens share thoughts on ways to deal with bullying.

Episode 1
If I Knew Then, What I Know Now: Ways to Deal with Bullying

Featured Teens:
Tatum Jade
Evan Hara
Alexandra Intrator
Brianna Beasley
Ben Cheatham
Emily Huffines
Jhalen Spicer
Nora Ordinario
Jackson Drennan
Plae Wyatt
Shelby Schneider
Daniel Kaphingst
AnnaCarol Drennan
Annabel Thorpe

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Director/DP/Editor: Eliud George Garcia
Licensed Professional Counselor: Kim Carson
Production Assistants: Emma Rappold, Alexandra Intrator
Audio Mix: David Jewell
Music: David Jewell, Digital Juice
Special thanks:
Lauren Lazell
The League of Moveable Type

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