BZ scientific investigators, Austen and Booker, determine what stroke Emily can swim the fastest.

A Brain Zapped, LLC. Production
Brain Zapped Science Volume 1: Swimming for Science (Scientific Investigation)
Presenters: Austen Baechle, Stephen Booker
Director/Writer/DP/Editor: Eliud George Garcia
Audio Mix: David Jewell
Field Audio: JT Tervalon
Artist: Brent Wood
Science Consultants: Rosemary Martin, Peggy Baechle
Special Thanks: Peggy Baechle, Christopher Booker, Nadia L. Stephens, Emily Grace Garcia, Elijah George Garcia, Noemi A. Garcia,
McKinney Sea Lions
Music: APM Music
Clearance: For Sale Virtual
Music Track:
Dowd, Louise (PRS), Holborn, Michael (PRS)
Bruton APM (ASCAP)

© 2011 Brain Zapped, LLC.
Unauthorized copying is a violation of applicable laws.

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